Experts and leaders from all sectors have aligned social innovation with identifiable themes such as social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social finance, corporate social responsibility, community social and economic development, philanthropy, social and human capital, and of course the many definitions adapted from economic or business innovation. This site provides leadership, advocacy and a platform for ongoing discussion.
Collaborators who embrace and foster social innovation, study new trends and models both at home and abroad, in order to understand its concept and evolution.
Behind every successful community struggle lies a wealth of collective energy drawn from a coalition of residents, volunteers, activists and community groups. Looked at this way, community power is a power shared among many. Its strength lies in the horizontal connections among many people and many groups. The key processes are networking, partnerships, co-operation and interdependence. The structures are open, shifting, spontaneous, and non-hierarchical.
Nozick, M. (1992)
New media and new technologies, greater knowledge about the innovation process itself. An understanding about complex systems, about how people organize and how ideas move.
There is something in the human condition that eternally yearns for a greater sense of connectedness, yearns to reach out and deeply touch others, thowing off the pain and loneliness of separation to experience unity with others. In all times and all places people have consciously reached out to feel their connectedness with a larger whole. This is the experience of community.
Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson
Our expert collaborators bring their depth of knowledge of the community, hands-on experience, flexibility, creativity and responsiveness, entrepreneurial skills using a holistic approach.

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